The Issues

Leadership by Example

Fred believes in government openness and transparency. He posts all personal and office expenses online, setting an example for other legislators to follow. Fred also refuses per diems, pay adjustments and refuses the state pension.

Standing Up For Taxpayers

Fred supported an On-time, no new or increased tax budget, without borrowing. It includes no new or increased taxes; in fact, it continues the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax phase-out to assist employers.

Keller knows how to cut spending, get budgets passed on time, create jobs and produce results every day. That’s why Citizens Against Higher Taxes, Pennsylvania’s largest taxpayer organization, has endorsed Fred Keller.

Growing Our Economy And Creating Jobs

Fred will continue to work hard to create a healthy business environment so existing businesses grow, new jobs are created, and new businesses move into our area. New jobs are critical to stop the “brain drain” of talented individuals leaving our area.


Promoting Farmers

Family farms are struggling to stay in business and pass our region’s rich farming heritage to the next generation. Fred Keller supports restoring milk prices to provide an immediate boost to move the dairy industry towards stability.

Protecting The Unborn

Fred Keller strongly believes in, and will continue to defend the sanctity of human life.

Defending The Second Amendment

A hunter and fisherman, Fred Keller loves the outdoors. He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and a strong defender of the Second Amendment. Fred voted in support of the Castle Doctrine, giving law-abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves without fear of prosecution.


Living Family Values

Fred Keller has been married for 26 years. He and his wife Kay have two children, Jamie and Freddie, and one granddaughter, Karsen. Fred coached his children in youth soccer, softball, and baseball, and served as a Den leader for his son’s Cub Scout troop. The Keller family is active in their church where Fred serves as Deacon.